LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The Internet is a strange and wondrous place, filled with so so many marvelous things. It is also filled with things that appear to be very, very wrong.

This is one of those times where the Internet could probably not be more wrong. And it involves cupcakes (and pickles).

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The content creator known as "Baked By Melissa" recently entered into a collaboration with Claussen Pickles to deliver unto the world the pickle cupcake, which appears to be little more than a briny concoction baked into little green treats.

To some, it may also be considered the complete and total absence of God in this new, modern era. At times like these, we must ask ourselves the same question Steve Buscemi did in the hit movie "Spy Kids."

Anyway, "Baked By Melissa" seems super excited about the new cupcake. So much so that it's actually for sale now.

"Anyone who’s seen @BakedByMelissa on TikTok knows I am a pickle lover," she told her audience, "whether I’m making pickles at home or adding pickles to my favorite dishes. So it only made sense to bring the Claussen’s iconic flavor to Baked by Melissa cupcakes next, for an unexpected tangy treat."

“The addition of pickle gives the cupcake a zippy sweet-salty-sour kick, making it a truly unique ingredient for a bite-size cupcake," the account added.

The influencer, brand’s Co-Founder, CEO Melissa Ben-Ishay made the announcement to her audience late last week.

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,” someone wrote in the comments, mirroring our feelings.

For example, I love steak. A ribeye fired over a wood-burning grill is one of the greatest flavors known to mankind. Yet, I would be horrified if someone offered me a steak cupcake. Are you into some of the stronger, more fermented flavors? How about a sauerkraut or kimchi cupcake? The list of diabolical flavors goes on.

Please, Internet. Please stop this.

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