In May 2024, four inmates in the Tangipahoa Parish Jail were able to escape the facility, and for quite a length of time, no one at the jail even knew that the men were gone.

This prompted a massive investigation into the policies and procedures at the jail and has led to another revelation. One of the four who escaped in May of this year apparently had escaped back in February as well, and it was never reported up the chain of command.

According to WVUE, Avery Guidry escaped on February 22, he went and ate a meal at Burger King and called his parents. At that time, they pleaded with him to "go back to jail". Guidry did. He broke back into the jail. That escape was never reported.

Fast forward to May 2024, and four inmates used the same route to escape, Avery was one of two inmates who were recaptured quickly, while it was longer for the other two inmates.

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office Chief of Administration Jimmy Travis told WVUE

During the Guidry escape, and after the escape, it was learned, one of our lieutenants come forward and says, Well, he escaped back in February and then he broke back in. And we were like, ‘What?

Travis says several corrections officers and even the former warden were made aware of the February escape. Travis says he thinks the warden and others didn't believe Guidry escaped, so they didn't check. Travis says they later pulled footage that showed Guidry coming out of an 8-inch hole in the gate and scaling two fences. He escaped that way and got back into jail the same way

Guidry was in jail along with two other associates who were accused of the death of a man and the shooting of his daughter.

Since the escape situation in May, a new warden has been appointed.

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