Have you ever been riding around Lafayette and kind of idly wondered where certain street names came from?

I'm not talking about the Saint Streets or the ones with presidential names. Those are kind of a given. Instead, I'm talking about some of those French names, or names you might not hear outside of Waze or Google Maps butchering their pronunciation.

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I'm not a Lafayette native by any means. I've been here a little over 11 years. I'm still learning a lot of these streets, but we do have a little info on where their names come from. You can see the brief history of a lot of these streets below.

The History Behind Lafayette's Street Names

We drive them on a daily basis. Some are smoother than others. Some we use more frequently than others. Some randomly start, end, and/or change names. They're the streets of Lafayette. The names behind many of these streets have interesting histories. We take a look at where those names come from and the impact their namesakes have had on the city and the parish.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

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