We are receiving reports about a traffic incident on I-49 in Carencro that has motorists at a standstill.


According to DOTD, I-49 southbound is closed at LA 726 due to the crash as congestion approaches two miles.

For the better part of the last hour, we have been getting numerous eyewitness reports and questions about the traffic on I-49 due to an incident that allegedly involved a truck and a tractor.

The tractor is reportedly "flipped" in the median on I-49 near Exit 4 in Carencro and multiple ambulances responded to a scene where a white truck can be seen with significant damage.


One listener who works across from where the accident happened said she heard the collision as a truck reportedly hit a tractor while someone was operating it.

It’s horrible. I work across the street and we heard it. I immediately said a prayer for the worker in the tractor

Another motorist who sent us a video said it appeared as if the tractor may have been attempting to cross the interstate to get into the median, but we have not received any confirmed reports on what actually led to the collision.

Looks to me like the tractor was trying to cut across the interstate to cut in the median and the dually hit it square. Rolled the tractor multiple times. Hit it so hard that the batwing (cutting deck) is 30’ from where the tractor landed.

That same eyewitness also noted that other accidents have taken place as traffic is being detoured in the area due to the accident.

Traffic is a disaster at 182 southbound. The Carencro cop was stopping traffic when I passed going southbound. I took the service road to Exit 4. Went to my shop, and by the time I got back to 182 to get off, there was already a wreck at the exit ramp and 182 from people trying to go in every direction.

Although he confirmed that State Police showed up to get things under control, traffic on I-49 southbound has been a "nightmare" for motorists driving in the area as we continue to get more information on the crash and road closures in the area.

DOTD announced that I-49 southbound is closed at LA 726 due to the crash as congestion approaches two miles.

We will update this post as we hear confirmed details from local authorities.

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