Shoplifting accounts for billions of dollars lost every year, and as the cost of goods increases, so does theft.

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Major retailers nationwide have started investing in better technology to catch repeat offenders who use self-check out. But now it seems some are taking a different approach.

TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods have started supplying body cams for their employees to wear while on shift. The stores' parent company, TJX, stated that the goal is to 'thwart shoplifting and keep customers and employees safe.'

How do the body cams work?

The company did not specify how or when the police-like body cams turn on. A spokesperson for the company did say tat the video footage is only shared if law enforcement requests explicitly the footage or if it is in response to a subpoena.

Will Other Louisiana and Texas Retailers Follow Suit?

We have not yet confirmed if body cams have been implemented in Louisiana or Texas but we do know that TJX is not the only retail chain looking at body cameras.

Considering the increase in theft in both states, it would make sense that all TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Homegoods employees would eventually be equipped with the same technology to prevent theft.

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