A set of office rules on a King Cake in New Orleans has gone viral and many in the workplace can relate to them.

During Mardi Gras season, King Cakes often show up in the office and too often someone will indulge and not follow the "rules".

By now you know that if you get a plastic baby in your slice of cake, it is custom for you to purchase the next King Cake.

Well, often one will get the baby in his or her slice and never make the purchase, or they will simply "relocate" the baby in the cake.


One office recently posted these rules on their King Cake and it is CLEAR that if you get the baby in your slice of cake, you are to purchase the next cake.

The rules on the cake went a step further and said, "If you don't plan to participate DON'T EAT THE DAMN CAKE."

Apparently, the employees at this office are tired of someone getting the cake and not following the tradition of purchasing the next cake during the carnival season.

As you'll read below, the rules are to the point and there are even certain King Cakes not allowed.

Check out these rules and feel free to use them in your office or workplace if you too are having the same issue as we count it down to Mardi Gras 2023.


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