It looks like New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell identified her "number one" Mardi Gras float this carnival season during the Krewe of Tucks parade.

In a video clip that has been circulating on multiple social media platforms, the mayor of New Orleans can be seen giving the middle finger to the Krewe of Tucks as the parade passed Gallier Hall. Cantrell can be heard addressing Tucks on the mic, wishing whoever was riding by a "happy Mardi Gras."

As Cantrell continued addressing the float, she could be heard telling the krewe, "We love you. God bless you" before announcing "Enjoy your ride!" As she gave them one final "Love you!" Cantrell could be seen extending her middle finger toward the krewe.

While the video does not show the float or the riders that Cantrell was addressing, there were plenty of eyewitness reports that described satirical decor that took shots at the New Orleans mayor throughout the parade. Naturally, there were plenty of mixed reactions.

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Tucks is known for its irreverence and satire when it comes to public officials; and while there has been no confirmation that the float that Cantrell was addressing made any jokes about her, multiple paradegoers reported seeing a rider at the beginning of the parade holding sign that said "Vappie Mardi Gras."

Krew of Tucks via
Krew of Tucks via

Others say Cantrell's middle finger may have been a reaction to riders who may have turned their backs as their float passed Cantrell. Whether that alleged gesture was coincidental or intentional is not known.

According to reports from WWL Radio, New Orleans Police officer Jeffrey Vappie was Mayor Cantrell's personal bodyguard.

After a local news story aired showing Cantrell and Vappie on surveillance going into a city-owned apartment "alone for hours at a time," a subsequent news story announced that Vappie's wife was filing for divorce due to an affair that he admitted to.

In her filings, his estranged wife says Vappie admitted to an affair with an individual referred to as LT. The same initials as LaToya Cantrell.

WWL says that Jeffrey Vappie's lawyer claims that his client never admitted to an affair while Mayor Cantrell also denied having an affair with her bodyguard.

Just a few years ago, Tucks posted the following photos in a post on Facebook that seemed to recognize New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell in a positive light.

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