A hit-and-run incident injured an elderly man in Ascension Parish, who is known for being a good samaritan in his neighborhood.

He rides his three-wheeled bike, helping neighbors with whatever they may need, and on the day the car him him, he was helping take their garbage cans out for trash day.

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According to WAFB while he was in the process of getting the neighbor's trash cans to the road, he was struck by a vehicle and fell into a nearby ditch.

The hit-and-run accident took place on Wednesday morning, and Donna Bourgeois said that they didn't tell anyone he had been hit.

They just didn’t even tell anybody. Now whether they saw him and said oh well he’s moving I don’t know, but I mean what if that was your dad or your grandfather or some elderly person your uncle would you just passed right by and not help them?

She makes the point that if something like this had happened to their relative, they would probably want the hit-and-run driver to pull over and do the right thing.


Deputies in Acension Parish are determined to find the driver that hit Mr. Reine on May 8th, even though his injuries are minor, its the principal of the actions that are upsetting the community.

Where are you? Why did you do this? Why you couldn’t just stop? Why couldn’t you stop and check on the man you left him. I mean that’s heartbreaking and the whole community thinks it’s heartbreaking

Neighbors told debuties that the only reason Mr. Reine was riding his bike at the time of the accident was to lend a helping hand to his neighbors like he always does. Tara Whiteside said he's been known for riding his bike and helping those in need for as long as she can remember.

Since I’ve been a kid he’s been on that three wheel bike. He’s been old since I was little. I think he’s 78 now, and he picks up the garbage cans all the time and brings some peoples houses. He comes here to the preschool and drops off popsicles and brings watermelons

While Mr. Reine recovers from his injuries at home, Deputies are actively trying to find answers for the community.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff's office.

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