The secret is out.

If you've ever played this game at a local restaurant you know that it is nearly impossible to ever win a prize from it.

Well, that is until now because a TikTok star is showing you and me the secret to always winning when going for that select stuffed animal.

The secret to winning while playing this game is to tap the button once to drop the claw, then tap it again as soon as the claw grabs the desired prize.

According to the person in the viral video, which you can watch below, by tapping the button a second time, it gives the claw a firmer hold and stops it from rotating when clamping down on the prize.

Some say that this seems to work really well, but does not always guarantee victory. Positioning still does play a huge role in this game.

So, if you're out in the near future, give this a try and come back to let us know if this "trick" works.

And if you have kids, it is most certainly worth the try. You know what I mean here!

For fun, I dove into this account's videos and here's another tip that you may be interested in. Check this out.


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