We thought you should be aware of this potential threat.

The Duson Police Department is warning those who live in or around the Duson area of more wild animals on the move.

KLFY-TV 10 reports that a teenage girl was confronted by a coyote in a field while walking her horse. When she and the horse ran away from the wild animal, it ran off too in the opposite direction.

Still, Chief of Police Kip Sonnier warns those around Duson that more and more wild animals are being spotted, and he believes that it's a result of their natural habitat being altered.

According to the report from KLFY, some within the Duson area report that their chickens and/or cats have come up missing, while some have been found partially mutilated.

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Chief Judice says that a number of coyotes, large cats, and even deer have been spotted in places where you wouldn't expect to see them.

In particular, the chief warns those who live west of S. Richfield to Austria Road and North of Hanks Road to Cameron Street (US Hwy 90), to be alert for increased wildlife in the area.

If you see any wildlife in your area you should never approach it, and you're encouraged to report any sighting to the Duson Police Dept.

To read more on this potential threat in the Duson area, click HERE.


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