One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about Louisiana has to be crawfish. We have everything from traditional boiled crawfish to crawfish-flavored potato chips, but this is the first time we have seen someone do this with crawfish.

It's no secret that we love crawfish, but maybe not as much as a Tiktoker named Madison, AKA 'The Crawfish Girl.'

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Madison posted a video saying that she wanted to see if she could get a live crawfish through TSA at the New Orleans Airport. She shows the crawfish in a ziplock bag that is slightly open for air and puts a damp paper towel inside to keep its gills damp. Since they are typically pretty resilient creatures, she doesn't foresee it having any trouble surviving off of a couple of potatoes she plans to cut up and put in his bag later on.

She asked security if they saw the crawfish in her bag when it went through the scanner and she said no, 'I think she thought I meant boiled crawfish, not a live one' which honestly does not surprise me considering this is the New Orleans airport we are talking about.

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Another video was posted by UncleBubblegum, who captured the viral video of the crawfish, who has since been named Linda, casually hanging out on top of Madison's carry-on bag wearing pink sunglasses at the gate for their flight. The best part is the look of shock on everyone's faces when they finally notice the crawfish, I mean Linda.

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Not only did Linda successfully make it through TSA, she appears to be living a life of luxury on vacation like every lady should. What started as a joke has quickly turned into a saga with the entire internet in a chokehold. Gotta love Louisiana.

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Watch The Tiktok Videos Below:

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