The United States Secret Service and the St. Martinville Police Department are warning the public to be on the out for counterfeit money currently circulating around Acadiana.

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Counterfeit Money Circulating In Acadiana

According to KATC, the U.S. Secret Service has released a few flyers via the St. Martinville Police Department warning the public of counterfeit money they say is going around throughout Acadiana.

As you'll see in the flyers, if you're not paying close attention there's a good chance you wouldn't notice the money passing through your hands isn't real.

Keep a sharp eye out for the words "For Motion Picture Use Only" printed on the funny money of $100 and $50 denominations.

How To Spot Counterfeit Money lists a few more red flags to look for when dealing with money to make sure what you're being given is legit.

1. Raised Printing

2. Color-shifting Ink - "If you hold a new series bill (except for the new $5 bill) and tilt it back and forth, you can see that the numeral in the lower right-hand corner shifts from green to black or from gold to green."

3. Watermark - Located on the right side of the bill, the watermark should match exactly the face on the bill. Look for it by holding the bill up to a light.

4. Blurry Borders, Printing, or Text

You can find more ways to spot counterfeit money over at

If you believe you've seen or have been given any of these counterfeit bills, you are urged to call the police.

Below are the flyers from the Secret Service via

Louisiana Counterfeit Money
St. Martinville Counterfeit Money
Counterfeit Money In Louisiana

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