Did you know that there are towns in America that are offering big bucks to get you to move to their city? But, there's a bit of a catch.

Some states have options, but unfortunately, in Louisiana, there is only one municipality that has money waiting for you to "make the move."

The one city in Louisiana that will pay you to relocate there.

MakeMyMove.com says that the great city of Ruston will pay you to move there, but you have to meet some requirements.

The requirements to get the dough

To be eligible, you must meet the following requisites:

  • Full-time remote employment or are self-employed outside of Ruston
  • Minimum annual income of $52,000 or family income of $100,000
  • 21+ and eligible to work in the United States

Keep in mind, though, that the $10,000 is awarded as a grant over a three-year period.

A move to Ruston would also give you the following perks as part of this incentive program:

  • Free lifetime Alumni Foundation membership for returning Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University graduates
  • Discounted University Athletic Events
  • Community Liaison to assist with move-in and community connections
Louisiana Tech University, Facebook
Louisiana Tech University, Facebook

What does beautiful Ruston, Louisiana have to offer?

Here's the enticing public relations spiel about the college town:

Located in North Louisiana, Ruston & Lincoln Parish is known for its lively college-town atmosphere, 22-block historic downtown district, thriving arts culture, scenic outdoor attractions, and its incredibly sweet peaches. The area is home to both Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University and boasts a variety of specialty shops, delicious restaurants, and outdoor hunting opportunities.

City of Ruston, Facebook
City of Ruston, Facebook

Ready to pack up and make the move to good ole Ruston?

If this sounds like a deal you can't pass up, click on the Welcome to Ruston website and get to applying.

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