There is some type of mysterious creature swimming in the waters of New Orleans City Park that has left many visitors baffled.

Is it a baby Loch Ness monster? Could it be some sort of swamp creature? Perhaps a new breed of amphibious Rougarou?

Or, it's simply some kind of fish.

New Orleans City Park, Facebook
New Orleans City Park, Facebook

Whatever the thing is, folks are some kind of perplexed.

New Orleans television station WGNO got a hold of a video of this mysterious serpent. See for yourself what you think it could be.

Personally, I'm a bit stumped. So are many of the people who have seen it, like Kim Frusciante. She spoke to WGNO.

“We looked into the water and saw a mysterious serpent-like creature. It is nothing I have seen before land or sea,” Frusciante said.

What could it possibly be? Frusciante had another hypothesis.

“The great people of the internet seem to think it is a genetically modified carp fish created in a lab and released in City Park,” she said.

There has got to be an explanation for this creature, right?

WGNO said they reached out to representatives with New Orleans City Park. They asked for the location of the creature and wanted to see the video, but as of now, they have not commented regarding the identity of the creature.

The mystery remains.

What do you think it could be? Please, drop a comment with what you think it is. Self-drawn illustrations of your guess will earn you bonus points.

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