A man is facing charges after authorities say he shot his roommate for eating the last Hot Pocket.

Man shoots roommate over Hot Pocket

Man Shoots Roommate Over Hot Pocket

Clifton E. Williams, 64, of Louisville, Kentucky was arrested and charged with one count of assault after he shot his roommate because he ate the last Hot Pocket.

According to KSLA.com, the ordeal began this past Saturday (5/20) when Willaims discovered his roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket in the freezer.

First, Williams allegedly began throwing tiles at his roommate upon discovery of the missing Hot Pocket.

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections
Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

From KLSA.com -

"The roommate told police he tried to fight back but was starting to leave when Williams went back into their home, got a gun, and shot him in the backside."

On Monday (5/22) Williams pled not guilty to the assault charge and his bond was reportedly set at $7,500.

He was ordered to have no contact with what we assume to be his "former" roommate.

Read more at KLSA.com.

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