In a scary turn of events, a woman has been killed by a train when she was trying to take a selfie.

According to Unilad, the train, called The Empress 2816, was taking part in CPKC's Final Spike Steam Tour. It was set to travel through the town of Nopala de Villagran in Mexico.

Dozens of people gathered to see the train as it passed through the town, however, one woman, 29-year-old Dulce Alondra, got too close to the tracks in an attempt to get a selfie with the train and was struck by the train as it passed through.

The outlet reports that the woman was caught on camera crouching down by a child as she held up her phone for the picture before tragedy struck.

It is being reported that the boy that she was crouching down next to was her child, however, the boy was uninjured in the tragedy.

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After Alondra passed away, CPKC Mexico issued a statement about the events that occurred.

"A woman has been fatally injured while she was very close to the track taking a picture," the statement reads, according to the Mirror.

"CPKC Mexico is cooperating with the relevant authorities and will make all the necessary information available to investigators," it continued.

"CPKC Mexico calls on people who come to witness the passing of this locomotive to take precautions and not approach or cross the railway tracks for their own safety and that of the crew on board. All those people who want to observe the passing of the train should remain at least 10 metres away from the tracks," the statement furthered.

"People should never stop near or on the tracks themselves or try to climb onto the train or any railway infrastructure. Always be careful around railway tracks and trains," it concluded.

The Empress began its trip to traverse Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in a single run in April and was set to conclude its journey on July 10 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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