A woman on Reddit landed in hot water with her husband after he found out she gave her brother, who recently lost his job, a significant amount of money from their savings without consulting with him first.

"[My brother's] wife is a [stay-at-home wife] (no kids), and their emergency fund is running out quickly. He's in the process of finding a new [job], but they're really struggling, and I felt bad not to help in any way. My husband and I, on the other hand, have two stable jobs, and have an emergency fund that has excess money in it (24+ months' worth of our normal expenses)," the woman began.

She explained that sent her brother "a not-too-big portion" of their nest egg to "relieve them of some stress and buy them some time."

"My husband found out extremely quickly, and now he is really really upset, but I had told him about my brother's situation and hoped he'd understand a bit," she concluded.

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Users in the comments blasted the woman for not keeping her husband in the loop.

"This was not only your money but your husband's too! You just gave away money the two of you saved without even telling your husband. And it wasn't even an emergency (like a needed operation, needed home transportation from abroad after an accident/family member death). You selfishly choose to give away money and not ask your husband because you knew he wouldn't say yes," one person wrote.

"You gave away someone else's money without even asking them. The money didn't belong only to you. It belonged to you and your husband and you owed him the common decency of talking to him about it before giving it away. Sounds like you thought it was better to ask forgiveness than permission," another commented.

"This decision required participation of both you and your husband. It was his money as much as it is yours," someone else weighed in.

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