No furries allowed at the Renaissance Faire, according to a woman in Reddit's Am I The A--hole forum.

She explained that she's the oldest of four children and has a brother named Sam, a sister named Maddy, and the youngest sister, Kiara, who just turned 12.

According to the woman, going to the Renaissance Faire with her siblings has become a tradition and now that Kiara is old enough to go, their mom gave the OK.

"I was excited until I found out what she wanted to wear," the woman shared in her post.

"Maddy and I have been planning and making our outfits since last Renfair (we are both avid seamstresses) and offered to help Kiara design her outfit," she continued.

But... "Kiara is really into Furries lately and has started making suits and masks."

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She explained to her sister that Ren Faire isn't really the place for Furries, and her sister agreed to change her outfit idea.

"We came up with a few outfit designs, and set a day to go shopping for all the stuff," she said.

However, Kiara didn't give up on the furry idea.

"She then came to me a week ago, gloating, saying that our mom said yes to her wearing a furry suit to Renfair. I told her she absolutely could, but again, I wouldn't be the one taking her if she chose to wear that," the woman revealed.

"I told her again that Renfair isn't the place, and who I take with me is up to me. She's now very upset with me and is trying to get our mom to make me take her wearing her furry suit," she added.

The woman also elaborated on her reasoning for barring her sister from wearing a furry suit to the event.

"Main [reason] being that it is still going to be in the 80s during renfaire and she wants to wear a full neon pink furry suit, head and all. Second, This isn't a big renfaire where you see all kinds of costumes," she said.

"We offered to help her do a fantasy creature-type costume but she's doubling down. My mother isn't trying to make me take her, just said she was allowed. Also, I'm not embarrassed with her wearing this. I told her she can absolutely wear it next year when we go to comic con," she added.

Reddit commenters seemed to agree with the woman's choice to not take her sister to the Ren Faire in a furry suit.

"All aesthetics aside, a fur suit?! Outside?! in July?! In what will probably be the hottest July in recorded history?!" one person commented on the post.

"While your sister is entitled to her interests and hobbies, Renaissance Faires typically have a specific theme and aesthetic that doesn't align with furry costumes. Your discomfort with taking her in a furry suit is understandable, as it might attract unwanted attention or conflict with the overall atmosphere of the event," someone else said.

"Can she dress up as a Renaissance era animal?" one person wondered, with another replying, "Omg, she could be a plague rat."

However, some people pointed out that in their experience, seeing furries at Renaissance Faires is a normal occurrence.

"I feel like 90% of these comments are from people who have never been to a renfest, because I've been going for the last 15 years and furries are a totally expected thing to see there," one person said.

Someone else agreed, "Every Ren Faire I’ve been to has had lots of furries! I’m not sure why people are acting like it’s unheard of."

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