A theme park was shut down while 28 guests were stuck on a ride upside down for approximately a half hour.

The horrifying incident took place on Friday (June 14), ironically, the first day that the Oak Park theme park in Portland opened for the summer. The malfunctioned ride was called "AtmosFEAR" and is a typical spinning pendulum-style ride.

Videos show the ride stuck in the  top position with guests sitting completely upside down. Shortly after it broke down, an announcement was heard over the loud speaker stating that the park was shutting down immediately.

Local Portland Fire & Rescue were called to the scene to "manually lower" the ride and to get the people medically evaluated. When the fire fighters finally were able to get the ride to turn on once again, the riders had to completely finish the ride while spinning and nearly going upside down once again until the initial ride time completed.

The cause of the ride breakdown is currently unknown and being investigated. As for the theme park, it is closed until further notice.

TikToker @Evie_s_y claimed that she was one of the victims on the ride with 10 of her friends. She shared that she had to get her arm out of the lock in order to physically pick up her head to alleviate the pain caused from the blood rushing to her head while upside down. She admitted that she and her friends "thought that we were going to die."

"We had no reassurance from the workers," she wrote alongside photos from the ordeal. "Instead, we just saw them putting their hands on their head as in we were not going to make it. Eventually, after way too much time, they got the ride to get out of the upside down position but we had to finish the ride after feeling nauseous."

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