Military women are clapping back to a man's sexist, viral post insulting "empowered women" on TikTok.

In the aftermath of Kansas City Chiefs player Harrison Butker's offensive speech at a college commencement ceremony, women shared their stories and accomplishments on TikTok.

However, a man decided to rain on their parade by posting a rude video with the caption "How about in the next war the men sit out the first 30 days so you empowered ladies can lead the charge..."

In response, military women currently serving and women who are veterans have shared their reactions to the insulting video, which has since been deleted.

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One woman simply wrote, "Huh…" and filmed a duet of the original video as she ate lunch and gave the camera a puzzled expression.

Another military woman duetted the video and criticized the man's salute technique.

"Your salute form was a little off, here's some tips," she wrote.

"Now back to eating my popcorn," she said at the end of the video as she brushed off the man's hateful comment.

"If i knew how to turn the music down or off on a stitch i woulda showed ya the proper elbow angle too but my popcorn had to get eaten and hadda help my other battles chase a hornet outta their LMTV," she added.

Another woman who is a veteran called the video "embarrassing" and said the man is a "shame and a disgrace to veterans everywhere."

"Women can serve too. Right next to the men. In some cases – and hear me out – we even lead the men. We're above the men," she said.

"This whole thing you have going on here, it's really giving the type of man in the military that sees a female service member and says, 'There's a walking SHARP case waiting to happen,'" she said, referring to the Army program called Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention.

"It's giving the type of man in the military that sees a female service member one-up him on the PT test and he gets his feelings hurt," she continued.

Another woman cleverly responded with, "Will you sit out on starting the wars too?"

One woman quipped that women wouldn't need 30 days and would "have it figured out between our kids' baseball practice and Bridgerton."

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