Kate Beckinsale has a cheeky way of dealing with hard times.

The actress posted a video to Instagram on Monday (July 1) in which she is seen in a high-rise apartment mooning the city below via the window.

The iconic London department store Harvey Nichols was just outside the window as well.

Beckinsale explained the prank in a long caption, attributing the need for some humor to the loss of her beloved cat and some "horrific news" that she recently received.

"The day after Clive died and I received some of the most horrific news I’ve ever received that next morning - sometimes there’s nothing for it but for your friend to show up as hard as possible and spend the evening making prank calls and mooning Harvey Nichols," Beckinsale wrote.

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"Because sometimes when the bottom falls out of your world the only response after crying till you’re sick is your own bottom," she joked.

"@nina_kate I'll never forget you jumping into the fire with me x," she added, thanking her friend who was seemingly filming the lighthearted prank.

Beckinsale's cat, Clive, passed away in June 2023 and was a particularly devastating loss for the star.

"Every single part of my house feels like he should be in it. If anyone is expecting to hear from me, you may not for a bit, and I'm sorry. My heart is absolutely and totally broken," she wrote at the time, per Entertainment Tonight.

In Aug. 2023, Beckinsale got a tattoo by popular artist Dr. Woo to commemorate Clive.

"This has really helped. Thank you so much [Dr. Woo]," she said in an Instagram post.

"Thank you for being with me through every single thing and loving me fiercely and unconditionally for almost 19 years. The gratitude I have for the privilege of loving and being loved by you is boundless. My god how I miss you, my Clive," she wrote in a Nov. 2023 tribute.

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