JoJo Siwa is not giving up on her new "bad girl" persona, this time by clapping back at haters in the crowd during a New York City Pride show on June 29.

In a viral TikTok video, Siwa was seen pausing her set to yell at the hecklers.

"Who the living f--k just booed me?" she shouted into the mic. "Where the f--k did that come from? Which one of you?"

Siwa stalked across the stage in her teddy bear and rhinestone-bedazzled costume to scan the crowd for the culprit as her dancers held up middle fingers.

"Respectfully, f--k you," Siwa continued, flipping off the crowd before changing her tune as she picked up a bouquet of flowers seemingly thrown on the stage from the crowd.

"Aw, this is sweet," she said.

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The performer then pulled a rose from the bouquet and stuck it in the front of her shorts before sticking her tongue out at the audience and slipping in a quick crotch grab as they mildly cheered.

"F--k the booers, somebody just chucked a bra at me," Siwa then announced.

The Pride-goer who posted the video wrote, "This show was a trip."

They also revealed that the entire display allegedly took place in front of "little girls in 'Karma' face paint" with their mother.

"I cannot stop thinking about the 3 little girls in 'Karma' face paint and their mom who went up to the barricade right before she went on and what conversations might be going on right now," the caption said.

TikTok commenters agreed with the original poster.

"I mean she did say she is not really kid friendly anymore but still," one person said.

"This feels like some Descendants Disney movie type villain act," another person said.

"She needs to do WWE," someone else suggested.

See the viral video, below:

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