A dog is going viral on TikTok due to his emotional reaction while watching The Lion King.

In a video posted to the account @winston_thebeagle, Winston can be seen cuddling with a stuffed animal at the start of the clip. He is also cuddled under a blanket. As the movie plays, Winston appears to be interested in it and keeps his eyes on the screen.

However, when Simba loses his father, King Mufasa, Winston is instantly triggered by this emotional scene. He can be seen running down from the couch and jumping on the screen as Simba shouts "Help!" Winston also begins to whimper and bark as well.

The strongest reaction Winston had was when Scar came onto the screen. The owner says she had to hold him back as he barked and barked at the lion. To help settle him down, she gave Winston some movie snacks, which he appeared to enjoy as the movie continued.

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People in the comments section could not believe the dog's reaction to the clips and shared their thoughts on his reaction.

"He's so real for barking at scar and then eating after," one person said.

"It’s the holding him back from attacking Scar for me, read another comment.

"Anxiously eating snackies while intently still watching the movie, someone else said.

"Had some real beef with Scar," joke another TikTok user.

"We just don’t deserve dogs," commented someone else.

"Bro got pajamas on, movie playing and a snack from mom. 😭 he living better than all of us," another person said.

The video of Winston's reaction has gone on to be viewed more than 7 million times.

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