Iceland was never supposed to beat England in Euro Cup 2016 play. Hell, they weren't even supposed to beat Poland, but sometimes magic happens.

Some of the best magic in sports comes from home broadcasters during international play. Icelandic soccer broadcasters don't get to call many wins, but when they do, it's stupendous.

The population of Iceland is close to that of Aurora, Ohio, so you can understand how beating a futbol powerhouse like England (at least they SHOULD be a powerhouse) could set off a nation that small. Not to mention, it's cold as the dickens up there, so why not celebrate to the fullest?

I'll just let Gudmundur Benediktsson do the talking...or screaming.

That was the go-ahead goal in the 18th minute of play, and it's surprising Benediktsson had any voice left to finish the broadcast.

Oh, he finished the broadcast. He finished the monumental upset victory with style...and more screaming.

I'm now officially a massive Iceland soccer fan, just for the play-by-play perfection.

I'm not sure if it tops the first freakout by a fellow Icelandic broadcaster, mostly because I don't speak Icelandic, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. I just want Iceland to keep winning...and screaming.