I received an email today from AT&T, offering me a chance to opt-out of receiving offers for additional products/services.

To allow AT&T to use your CPNI, no further action is required

The email said "To allow AT&T to use your CPNI, no further action is required." which means they WILL send you additional offers, unless you opt-out.

I will opt-out, thankyavurrymush.

The email provides an opt-out link, but you will need your account number (located at the top of your bill), and you will need to opt-out for each phone that is on your account.  Here is the script of the email I received:



The protection of our customers' privacy is of utmost importance to the employees and management of the AT&T family of companies (AT&T)*. Please take a moment to read the following important message about the privacy of your customer information.

AT&T companies that provide telecommunications and interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service (which permits VoIP customers to both send and receive calls to/from customers with traditional telephone/telecommunications service) would like to share your customer proprietary network information within the AT&T family of companies for our own marketing purposes, including using that information to offer you additional products and services.

What is CPNI? Your CPNI includes the types of telecommunications and interconnected VoIP services you currently purchase, how you use them and the related billing for those services. CPNI does not include your telephone number, your name or your address. Protecting the confidentiality of your CPNI is your right and our duty under federal law. As an AT&T customer, you can restrict the use of your CPNI even within the AT&T family of companies.

To allow AT&T to use your CPNI, no further action is required. AT&T and our authorized agents will not sell, trade or share your CPNI with anyone other than those who are in the AT&T family of companies or are AT&T authorized agents, unless required by law.

If at any time you would prefer that AT&T not use your CPNI to offer you additional products and services, you may:

Submit an online form at att.com/ecpnioptout

Or call 800.315.8303 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and follow the prompts

Or to speak to a service representative call 800.288.2020

Your decision to permit or restrict the use of CPNI will remain in effect until you decide to change it – which you can do at any time without charge. Restricting our use of your CPNI will not affect the provision of any AT&T products or services to which you currently subscribe, nor will it eliminate other types of marketing contacts.

Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business.

So, here is an email with big words and confusing language, meant to help me protect my privacy.  I would think that it would be written in a simpler, more direct manner if the company was really interested in protecting my privacy.  But, that's just me, I guess.

Once I clicked the link, I filled in my information (account number and billing zip code), then I checked the "Restrict use of my CPNI:" box to opt-out.  A new screen pops up and says

"Your request has been sent for processing".

Reassuring, no?

It is very nice of them to give the opportunity to opt-out, don't you think?

Again, here is the opt-out link, you can thank me later!

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