Egg Nog is either a holiday treat at your house or two words that send people running away in fear at your house. There is a love/hate relationship between Egg Nog and most people. What I mean by that is there are very few people who like Egg Nog a little or dislike it a little. The passions run deep with this thick creamy concoction. Hey, it's been around for more than a century so there has got to be something to it right?

One thing I learned about Egg Nog is it's kind of like boudin. You don't really  need to know what's in it because that might cause a negative gastric reaction when you think about it. How many of you regularly drink or should it be eat raw eggs? I see only a Mr. Rocky Balboa raising his hands.

Raw eggs aside there is something about the way the "nogging" of these eggs with cream and other spices and flavors come together that actually bring out a very unique holiday flavor. I for one love Egg Nog. If you don't like paying the high price of commercial Egg Nog you can make your own, it's easy and it's pretty darn tasty too.