U.S. Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has become a favorite on the national media circuit.

The former 4-term Louisiana State Treasurer's ascent to the national stage began when he defeated Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell in 2016 to become the Bayou State's junior senator. From there, his wit and charm began to win over national media figures who love to get his takes on what's happening on the national scene.

Foster Campbell
Foster Campbell

I remember the first time I met Kennedy in person. He was Treasurer at the time. I was blown away by how down-to-earth he was and still is. We talked football and family while he waited to walk into his scheduled interview.

Kennedy has many qualities that conservatives find endearing. His ability as a no-nonsense questioner, especially as it pertains to his tough questioning of officials with President Biden's Administration, has been something that conservatives have been able to hang their hats on. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he gets plenty of those questioning opportunities.

John Kennedy, Youtube via Senator John Kennedy
John Kennedy, Youtube via Senator John Kennedy

Kennedy also has a way of wording things that gets his point across in a unique way. He does that often time with hilarious and memorable one-liners. The Oxford graduate knows that you have to be unique to be heard in Washington, D.C.

In the video featured below, Newsmax TV anchor Benny Johnson - host of The Benny Show - calls Kennedy "a national treasure" and plays some of Kennedy's best (and funniest) one-liners. Below are some of my favorites:

Topic: Coronavirus checks

Life is hard but it's harder when you're stupid.

Stimulus Checks With President Trump's Name Sent Out To Americans
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Topic: U.S.'s issues with China and other Countries we Send Money to

I don't know why we have to give money to countries who hate us. They should be able to hate us for free.

Topic: Infrastructure Bill

They wanted it like Ben wants J-Lo.

Confirmation Hearing of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett

I'm like Bluto in Animal House - I'm just fat, drunk, and stupid.

Topic: Democrats At Odds With Each Other Over Spending Bill

Someone at the White House has been smoking the devil's lettuce.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Topic: Gas Shortage

We cannot run the greatest economy by putting fairy dust and unicorn urine in our cars.

Hearing in U.S. Senate

Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jeffery Epstein - name three things that don't hang themselves.

President Joe Biden
Facebook via Fox News

When Asked About What It's Like to Speak to President Joe Biden

"How can I put this? He's 78. We're all going to be 78 someday, hopefully...and it affects people differently, I'll put it that way.

You can watch Kennedy make these comments - and many others - by watching the video below:


Kennedy is up for re-election in 2022.

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