We've asked Acadiana teachers what non - teachers can do to make their stressful work a little easier. Here's what they said.

Before I get to the list, let me make it clear that neither KTDY or Townsquare Media is currently asking for donations of supplies for teachers. Our goal is to offer teachers a public forum to let our community know what they need help with in the classroom. Our hope is that those who wish to help will reach out to teachers via our Facebook page and make arrangements on an individual basis. The list below is also a great resource if you're wondering what teachers need.

Teachers do ask for parents to buy supplies at the beginning of the year, but they're mostly if not completely gone by Christmas. These are the items teachers told us they need most at this time of year.

Paper towels
Dry erase markers and erasers
Printer ink
Hand sanitizer
Antibacterial wipes
Copy paper
Chart paper
Looseleaf paper
Construction paper

Additional items:

Snacks for students
New or gently - used books for class libraries
Privacy folders
Rubber bands

Finally, one teacher told us that nothing can replace respect for what teachers do and that their voices be heard. We hope we've helped in some small way give these to our teachers in Acadiana.

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