The chance is now for you to trade in your points for tickets to the Polyester Power Hour Party FRIDAY 2/17/12, at Nitetown, Downtown!

Just click the link (this link will only work today) and trade 999 points in for the tickets.  You have to be a member, but it's easy to sign up! Just click the Winner's Club link above.  There are 10 pairs of tickets available for trade in today and ten tomorrow, and that's it!  So quick, trade in your points and get your tickets now!

 The 2012 Polyester Power Hour Party, sponsored by Moss  Motors features the one and only Krossfyre! Also a Retro Costume Contest, Jingles the Clown, Kenny Champagne Photography. Doors open at 8pm, Krossfyre at 9pm.

More chances to win tickets on air all week and you can also buy tickets at Nitetown Downtown during their normal operating hours.

See you there!