Nothing gets the attention of Americans like declaring that something is "free". It certainly caught my eye when Hardees fast food restaurant chain announced that they would be giving out their yummy sausage biscuits absolutely free on Wednesday, September 30.

The promotion is in honor of their 60th anniversary, and even though they are happy to celebrate by giving you a free biscuit, there is a small catch. You have to know a secret code when ordering to get yours without paying. (And, by the way, no other purchase is necessary.) The secret password is “made from scratch”, which is easy enough to get your biscuit! Just tell your server the magic words when you check out, and voila.

I also like the fact that Hardees has rolled out this promotion in conjunction with National Biscuit Month, which only seems appropriate. They have been unveiling new biscuit menu items on their social media pages, and asking fans to vote for their favorites. According to, those include fried green tomato biscuit, shrimp and grits biscuit, hot chicken biscuit and southern-style biscuit.




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