As South Louisianians, we have strong personalities and tend to take over just about any situation we're in, wherever it is. It seems our crawfish are the same way, and people are freaking out about it. In Berlin, Germany, people are very concerned about a recent Louisiana crawfish invasion, and vow to deal with this dangerous threat by "showing no mercy". Yes, this is real.

As you'll see in the videos below, there is growing concern about Louisiana crawfish showing up in the water at Berlin Park in Germany. These unruly beasts raise fear over a potential "Crayfish Plague" that could kill and native crawfish they may have.

They're not sitting idly by however. They plan to deal with this "problem" by showing "no mercy" in their actions to get rid of them.

If by "no mercy" they mean eating them, then I'm all for it. I don't think that's what they mean though.

Do we need to have another Cray Day and pay Berlin a visit to show them just how lucky they are?




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