According to the National Retail Federation, for the first time, Barbie has lost the top spot as the most popular toy for girls.  Every year it's Barbie, not this year!

The agency researches the top toys for boys and girls and the biggest upset this year is on the girls side.  No one thought Barbie would ever slide to number two, but it has finally happened.

Toys based on 'Frozen' have taken over the number one spot.  The movie has been out over a year but merchandise is still selling through the roof.

The top 10 toys for girls this Christmas are:

'Frozen' Toys


Dolls (Other than Barbie)

'Monster High' Dolls

American Girl


Tablets and iPads

'My Little Pony'

'Doc McStuffins'


The top toys for boys are:


Cars and Trucks

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

Video Games

Hot Wheels

Xbox One

PlayStation 4


Remote Control Cars

Marvel Action Figures

The National Retail Federations claims 42% of people will buy at least one toy this holiday season.

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