For folks who are trying to lose or maintain weight, any help is appreciated, no matter how strange. A recent article suggests five seemingly unusual and counterintuitive approaches to weight loss that actually make sense. Read a brief summary of the list below and click here to read the entire article.

  • Have Dessert For Breakfast: A study in overweight people who had lost weight on a diet found that eating a sweet treat in the morning helped to curb sugary cravings later in the day, when the body has a harder time burning off the calories of such snacks.
  • Cut Up Your Food:  A study found that cutting up your food may help trick your brain into thinking there's more on the plate, which leads to a greater sense of satisfaction and thus, eating less.
  • Exercise in the Morning: No weight loss program can really be successful without exercise, but you can burn more calories and boost energy levels by exercising in the morning. It turns out that people who exercise in the morning work out harder than those who exercise at other times in the day.
  • Drink Warm Water: We all know we're supposed to drink as much water as possible every day. During the summer, we especially desire ice-cold water, but recent studies have  found that drinking a glass of warm water before a meal helps you feel fuller more quickly, which equals lower caloric intake.
  • Eat More: This may be the strangest sounding bit of advice on this list, but eating more and more often can actually help with weight loss.  Eating about five or six small meals a day increases your metabolism, and eating larger volumes of healthier foods that are full of lean protein, fiber, and other nutrients - rather than foods high in refined carbs and processed ingredients - boosts energy and keep you full without all the calories.