Summer is officially here! Well, maybe not until the end of June, but for all intents and purposes, Memorial Day is the kick off to the summer vacation season. Before you go, it's always best to be prepared, whether you are traveling overseas, or just loading the family in the van for a weekend getaway. USA Today has found some crazy cool apps to help make that family vacay a lot more fun, and way less stressful.

  • Google Maps. Not perfect, but if you are traveling in an unfamiliar place it can be a lifesaver.
  • Mobil Passport. If you are heading overseas, this is the one you need to get. USA Today says 'It lets you submit your passport control and customs declaration information through your phone, replacing the traditional blue-and-white paper declaration form required of most travelers entering the U.S. by air or sea.'
  • Moovit - Everything you need to know about mass transit, including schedules, times, and live updates
  • Google Translate - real time translations in over 59 different languages. It also includes camera translation, where you can point at a sign and it translates what it says for you
  • Around Me - shows you what is nearby, and how to get there on Google maps. Looking for a local bakery or ATM machine? This is your go-to.


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