Let's see. If we all maintain our six feet of social distancing and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC we might be out from under the coronavirus pandemic by May. Or certainly by June, the beginning of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic Basin.

Wait. What?

Yep, we're going directly from virus season to hurricane season and the first educated outlook for the 2020 season is absolutely the information none of us wanted to hear. Dan Kottlowski, AccuWeather's top hurricane expert says he believes the 2020 tropical season will be above normal.

By that, he means not only will the season produce an above-average number of storms but also produce an above-average number of major hurricanes.

Dr. Kottlowski's forecast is calling for 14-18 tropical storms or named storms. Seven to nine of those storms are forecast to become hurricanes. Of those storms that reach hurricane intensity three to four of those are expected to become major hurricanes.

The 2019 Hurricane Season brought us 18 named systems including Hurricane Barry that made landfall on Louisiana's coast. Last year's tropical season was the eighth most active season for named storms in history.

Let's hope history won't repeat itself this year and I wouldn't mind in the slightest if Dr. Kottlowski's forecast was a bit high for this season. Next week we weather geeks should be getting more tropical forecast information to share with you when the Tropical Meteorology Project from Colorado State issues their preseason forecast.

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