As we are slowly emerging from a year of cancellations, quarantine, and huge economic impacts in all aspects of life, it's good to know that some of our favorite events are making a comeback.

Organizers for Lafayette's Festivals Acadiens et Creoles are cautiously making plans to bring the popular festival back live this fall. And we couldn't be more excited! Last year, for the first time since the festival was founded in 1976, it was totally virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But festival founder Barry Ancelet told the Advocate late last week that they will start making plans to hold the festival in October, but will continue to monitor the situation to make sure they can do it safely.

The festival’s vice president for programming and development Patrick Mould says that they will try to keep the festival lineup close to what it was like last year, with the premier Cajun and Creole musicians in the area. Mould told the Advocate “The goal is to go live if we can. We want to be in the park. We want musicians on stages, crafts people selling their goods, food vendors serving food."

Ancelet says that the theme from last year will remain the same, which is the link between our Cajun and Creole music and our unique local cuisine. And because it was so popular last year, and exceeded expectations, the entire festival will be virtual this year again. Patrick Mould told the Advocate "We are prepared and ready for both plans right now: a live event and the working possibility of a streaming event. Plan A and Plan B.” Let's hope it's Plan A, which would be October 15-17.



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