The sheriff's office believes that Festival is a fabulous event for our parish and we are happy to participate in any way.

  After 20 years, Recycling Foundation withdrew its donation of recycling services to Festival International, leaving Festival organizers scrambling. 

According to a press release by Festival International:

LCG Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley and his staff, Sheriff Mike Neustrom, Director of Corrections Rob Reardon, and UL-Lafayette's Office of Facility Management pulled together a new recycling effort. UL Lafayette's Manager of Grounds, Mike Hess, provided dozens of recycling bins from the University's events inventory. Sheriff Neustrom's inmate manufacturing facility, known as Lapcorr, mobilized its inmate labor force to glue 100 boxes together for delivery late this afternoon to the festival grounds. Inmate labor will also be used to empty the receptacles and load recyclable cans onto trucks for proper disposal.

Director of Corrections Rob Reardon says it was an easy decision to make for the LPSO, "The sheriff's office believes that Festival is a fabulous event for our parish and we are happy to participate in any way."

Festival International Crowd (Facebook)
Festival International Crowd (Facebook)

The press release sent by Festival goes on to say that:

Dee Stanley specifically singled out Greg Guidroz, a volunteer of 14 years with the Festival recycling crew, who showed up Wednesday to assist with recycling, only to find out it wasn't going to happen. "It is always a great moment when one of our citizens comes forward with a passion and dedication to do what is right. Thanks to Greg, we did not let this effort die. As soon as we heard of Festival's needs, we all put in the extra effort to make this happen. Our friends at UL and the Sheriff's office stepped in with absolutely no notice to get this done." As a result, more than 150 recycling containers will be delivered this afternoon to the festival grounds. We encourage all festival participants to use them properly."

Thanks to all who helped "rescue" the recycling efforts that are so important to Festival and to Acadiana!

For more information about Festival International, navigate to their website or Facebook page, or call (337) 232-8086.  Or, better yet, GO TO THE FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND!!!

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