UPDATE: (01/20/19) The Sheriff's Office has put this program on hold until further questions about the legality of this process are determined. 

If you are a federal employee who is furloughed do to the current partial government shutdown, then Lafayette Parish Sheriff Garber has decided on a way that he can help you.

Garber has announced that they will be offering an extension on your parish property taxes if you can't pay right now, and his offers includes an extension on any fees, interest or an penalties.

Sheriff Mark Garber had this today via press release,

"We are extending this assistance to the hard working men and women in Lafayette Parish who have been furloughed, at no fault of their own, during the current federal government shutdown. These federal workers have no control over when the shutdown will be resolved, and we are making it a priority to provide options to them and their families during this difficult time."

So who gets these extensions?

Garber says the following:

  • You have to be a federal employee that is currently not getting paid because of the shutdown.
  • You must be occupying the property.
  • You have to show proof of all of this.
  • This can't be a property that is already in delinquency.

The deadline to submit all of this information is Friday, February 15.

You can reach the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office by calling 337-232-9211.