The death of a loved one is traumatic enough even if all of the funeral arrangements run smoothly. You can imagine the angst and subsequent anger that one Texas family is feeling after they discovered that the body that was placed in their father's casket and dressed in his clothes was not their father.

The story comes from Houston television station KPRC.

I can't imagine any more of a nightmare than what the Cordova family of Houston has gone through following the loss of their family patriarch Natividad Cordova. Mr. Cordova passed away from pancreatic cancer in May. His family gathered several days later for a special, yet socially distanced, memorial service to remember and honor the life of the deceased.

Mr. Cordova's daughter told KPRC television that the casket and body arrived several hours late from Santana Funeral Directors, but the tardiness was not the issue. The real issue came when Mrs. Cordova, the daughter, opened the casket before other mourners arrived. She said she just wanted one last moment alone with her dearly departed dad.

When she looked in the casket she saw her dad's favorite Mexico soccer jersey but the body wearing it was not her father. The family, as you might imagine, wanted answers and they wanted to know the whereabouts of their father's remains.

Those remains were located and arrived at the site of the service several hours later. However, the body was not properly prepared. The funeral home did refund the family's money however the Cordova told KPRC that they are contemplating legal action against the funeral service provider.


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