The Louisiana Department of Insurance has issued a statement to make sure that they clear up fake information about vaccinations and life insurance that is making the rounds on social media.

Louisiana's Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says the fact that you get a vaccination for Covid-19 has not impact on your life insurance policies.

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Donelon adds that another rumor circulating is that if you get the vaccine, you would not be eligible for life insurance in the future. He says all of these statements are false. There are social media sites claiming that these false statements are true. Don't fall for it.

According the press release from Donelon, there are many questions people are asking about this after encountering this misinformation online. One of the big things people ask about is whether or not an insurance company can fail to pay your claim if you have had the vaccine. He says that's completely false. The press release goes on to point out,

No,. Louisiana Law does not permit life insurance exclusions based on the insured person having received a vaccination.

Donelon says that having had the Covid-19 vaccine is not a reason for denial of paying off life insurance benefits. He says policies state, in writing, what they do and do not cover, but that Covid-19 vaccination is not a reason that an insurance company can deny the claim because this is not allowed by law. Some insurance policies have "causes" that if you have them, would then not pay out, but Covid vaccine is not one of them.

They say they often have been asked if they get the Covid vaccine will they be barred from being able to get life insurance covered, and he says the answer is "no". The vaccination has nothing to do with it.

Another one of the questions that people are asking often these days is whether or not their insurance company can deny their family's death benefit if they die because of Covid, and Donelon says "no" because Louisiana law "does not permit life insurance exclusions based on death due to disease or illness."

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