When you decide to forward an email, or 'Share' something on Facebook, or "ReTweet", please verify the validity of the subject matter that you are forwarding/sharing.  One picture (and the comments with it saying it was from a local restaurant) circulating on Facebook right now could hurt a business here in Acadiana.

I was looking at Facebook today, and this picture was posted:


Mouse in Food
Mouse in Food (Facebook)


Along with the picture, the Facebook user posted this statement:

Please check your food plates if you like the chinese (sic) food from the acadiana mall food court!!!  This was in a lady's plate day before yesterday in the Lafayette Mall


Here is a screenshot of that post:


Facebook mouse 2
Facebook Screenshot


A quick search of images on Google led me to the exact same image, hosted on a television news website out of Lancaster, PA:


Google Mouse
Original Image (Google.com)


Before you post to Facebook/Twitter/anyothersocialsite, please do a little investigating to determine the validity of the picture/story (it took me less than 1 minute to debunk this picture/post).  It's not fair to innocent people/businesses, as at least one of the people commenting on the post stated that she will "never eat there again", and another stated that "they should shut them down".  Not fair at all.

(Via Facebook and Google)

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