Brain Injury Support Group
The AMAZE brain injury support group is hosting an open house on October 2nd at Victory Recovery Center on Liberty Avenue in Lafayette, beginning at 6pm.

8 Surprising Signs You're Really Smart
A lot of folks have stereotypes about exceptionally smart people. Meticulously neat, lacking personality, boring, unadventurous, goody two shoes, etc. A recent article from says that's a lot of crap...
Lefties Aren't Just 'Different' We're Better!
One fourth of the population is born Left handed. By the time various entities have inflicted sufficient abuse, the percentage of people who live out our lives as "southpaws" is down to about 10%. There's a common belief that forcing genetically left handed people to switch causes psy…
Bowling For Brain Injury Association
The Brain Injury Association of Louisiana invites you to raise awareness and the funds to advance brain and spinal cord injury prevention, treatment and education. Bowl with them at Acadiana Lanes in Lafayette, December 14!

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