Have you noticed yourself not quite feeling yourself the past couple of weeks or even months? If so there's a strong likelihood that by Wednesday you'll be feeling better. The current election cycle has been tough on everyone. Even if you've already voted you might still be feeling the pangs of anxiety in your life.

Dr. Michelle Moore with LSU Health New Orleans told the Louisiana Radio Network that election stress is a real issue. She noted in her comments that some people have become physically ill just thinking about the current choices across the country and the state.

Stress can cause weight gain. It can cause sleep deprivation, changes in appetite, and all that stress can be linked to the anxiety people are feeling about the current election.

According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of the American population have said this current election season has caused them stress. The symptoms will improve over time but don't expect to be feeling better by tomorrow. Especially if your candidate or issue doesn't secure a victory.

 It’s equally stressful for both Democrats and Republicans. So it’s not just that one party is feeling stressed. Everyone involved in this election is really feeling the stress of it.

If you're thinking this election has been particularly stressful compared to previous elections, you'd be correct in that thinking.

 The way that debates have occurred and just how angry people have become and how cynical in the way that debates are being handled, I think are very different than it’s been in years past.

The good news is that this part of the process is almost over. Speaking of stress, you could encounter quite a bit of that at your polling place today. The lines are expected to be long, the weather is not expected to be good, and patience will no doubt be wearing thin.

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