The following results are as reported by the Secretary of State's Web site:

State Treasurer:  The state treasurer seat will be filled due to the vacancy left by John Kennedy, who was elected to serve as a U.S. senator.

Treasurer 1015

Constitutional Amendment No. 1:  An amendment to exempt from property taxes materials and other property delivered to a construction site to be made part of a building or other construction.

CA 1 1030

Constitutional Amendment No. 2: An amendment to authorize an exemption from ad valorem property tax for the total assessed value of the homestead of an unmarried surviving spouse of a person who died while performing their duties as a first responder.

CA 2 1030

Constitutional Amendment No. 3: An amendment that would dedicate any new tax levied on gasoline, diesel, and special fuels into the Construction Subfund.

CA 3 1030

Public Service Commissioner District No. 2: The District 2 seat will be filled due to a vacancy created when Scott Angelle left to fill a position in the Trump Administration.

PSC Final


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