UPDATE: Within 1/2 hour of this posting, enough funds were donated to acquire and install the water heater.

Even in hard times (considering the state of our economy and the fact that recent flooding damaged so many), Acadiana comes together to help one of our own in need. I am so proud to live here.  THANK YOU ACADIANA!

Now that this lady has her water heater funded, I want you to remember the Cajun Area Agency on Aging. They do great things for the elderly in our area who can't help themselves. They accept donations of all kinds, and those donations help them care for the elderly. Some of the services that the Cajun Area Agency on Aging provide include:

  • Nutritionally balanced meals
  • Elderly Protective Services
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Provide assistance with light housekeeping
  • In-home Respite Services, providing a brief period of rest for the caregiver
  • Legal Assistance/Legal advice
  • Ombudsman services to insure residents of Long Term Care facilities receive best possible care and that their rights are protected and promoted
  • Recreation services, to provid individual and group activities that promote social interaction and well-being
  • Telephoning Telephone calls to check on older persons
  • Transportation services, to provide transportation to senior centers, medical appointments, and social service agencies
  • Visitation services, visiting in the home of older individuals, providing comfort, encouragement, listening, and fellowship
  • Wellness services,to maintain and/or improve mental and physical well-being (exercise, health screenings, medication management, education, nutrition education, socialization and recreation).

Please consider making a monetary donation to the CAAA, or donations of medical equipment or other needed items.




Our friend Lynda works at the Cajun Area Agency on Aging, and she told us of a 75-year-old lady in Lafayette who needs our help.

Her water heater has been out for some months now. Imagine a 75-year-old having to heat water on the stove, carry the pot to the bathroom and pouring it into the tub just to bathe!

Facebook/Lynda Southard

We have the power to improve this lady's life. On a normal day, well over 300 people will see any of my web postings. The amount of money needed to help this lady? Yup, $300. The estimate for a new tank, installed, is $350, and the agency already has a $50 donation. All that is needed is the remainder, and that could be as easy as $1 from each person who sees this.

One dollar from each person who reads this will easily cover the cost of a new tank for this lady. Would you consider helping?

Contact Lynda to make a donation, or call the agency at  (337) 572-8940.

The Cajun Area Agency on Aging is a non-profit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. Let's do this!

(Facebook/Lynda Southard, CAAA)