What could someone give the person(s) who still refuses to wear a mask in public?

The reason I ask is because a Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans will give someone who has a mask on in public $10,000. Krewe members are going around New Orleans and giving out raffle tickets to anyone they spot with a mask on.

In a few weeks, there will be a raffle and someone with a ticket in-hand will win the money, for simply wearing a mask in public.

So I started to think, what could we (in Acadiana) give away as a prize that may encourage someone to mask up during the Coronavirus pandemic?

I've come up with eight things/prizes that may encourage someone to put a mask on if we had such a raffle here.

Prizes often entice people to do things that they would rather not do and if this is what it takes to help put an end to the spread of the virus I am fine with it.

Here are the eight things that could work if we held a raffle in Acadiana.

Eight Things That May Encourage Someone To Wear A Mask

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