Tropical storm Fiona continues to move in a northwesterly direction across the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean this morning. The current forecast track for Fiona suggests that the storm should not pose a problem for any interest along the coast of the United States.

Fiona is not the only system that the National Hurricane Center is keeping a cautious eye on this morning. Another vigorous tropical wave has rolled off the African continent  at a lower latitude than Fiona. Storms that get their start in these low latitudes can be quite troublesome for the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

The most recent run of tropical models continues to show Fiona as a non-player. The model runs for the second tropical wave is a bit more disconcerting. Most of the reliable tracking models bring the system across the Atlantic and into the Leeward and Windward Islands within a weeks time.

Obviously time and atmospheric conditions will affect the actual track and intensity of both of these systems. The bottom line is this. We are approaching the peak of the hurricane season. Now is definitely the time to make sure you've Got a Game Plan should you need to take action.

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