Do two people have to have 'chemistry' for a successful relationship?  Or do you need it just in the beginning?

Is 'chemistry' even needed to keep a relationship alive and well, or will love do the trick on it's on?  Or, is 'chemistry' needed just in the beginning for attraction purposes only?  Do couples who've been together 30 years still have 'chemistry'?

Andy Kropa, Getty Images

I was thinking about relationships, past and present, and wondering just how important a role 'chemistry' played in their success.  And did they fail because 'chemistry' was lost?  Should love take over at some point and overrule?  Can you be in love never having experienced 'chemistry'?

'Chemistry' between two people can feel like fireworks, and as wonderful and that is, that feeling has to turn into love at some point as a relationship cannot survive on just 'chemistry'.  Or can it?

The definition of 'chemistry' is 'the complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people'.  So do we need it, or is it just lagniappe?