There has been some speculation that Jay Leno would be David Letterman's last guest, but earlier this week he explained why that may not happen.  So who will it be?

Letterman's final show will be this Wednesday.  The final show will not be a traditional show.  Wednesday's show will be a tribute show with clips, highlights, surprises and no planned guests.  Letterman said on the air a few nights ago that he didn't want it to be like when Johnny Carson left.  He said when Johnny left, we all felt like there was a void in our lives.  One gets the impression he wants to just slowly go away without it being a big deal.

His guests Monday night will be Tom Hanks and Eddie Vedder.  His last scheduled guest on Tuesday night will be Bill Murray.  Bill was Dave's first guest on 'The Late Show' in 1993 and on 'Late Night' in 1982.

The final 'Top 10 List' will be Wednesday night.












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