Halloween is less than two weeks away and those that really celebrate the season are already gearing up their get up for the costume madness. I am not a dress up, costume, person. I already think my general appearance is frightening enough without adding any extras. Some people feel a lot differently about that. They not only like to dress up themselves. They like to take bring the hellish nightmare that is Halloween to their pets.

We took to social media to see if we could find some of the up and coming cat costume ideas for those of you who are brave enough to try and put a costume on your cat. Here's what we found on Twitter.

I guess this would be The Cat in the Hat. He looks as if he has murder on his mind.

They call this one Purrantula. It looks more like it could be called "I will kill you in your sleep".

This is supposed to be a Pikachu from Pokemon. It actually looks more like a Cat-tastrophe.

This cat looks like he is going to use that hook for some serious payback to his owner's curtains.

I can see the relationship between cats and doctors. They show up on their schedule and only give you a few minutes of their time.

And finally, this cat that is giving off the vibe that you're not only going to need a bigger boat, but a bigger house, and a lot of bandages.